5 Things I Loved This Week

Holy. Moly, guys. This week was a doooozy. I don't think I've had quite this bad of a COVID funk as I did this week. I've just been so stir-crazy and ready to get out. of. this. house. But, so it goes...

Here's a few things that turned my frown upside down this week:

1. This nacho recipe that Emily Schuman always raves about. ohhhmagosh.

2. My sweet boy turned 11 MONTHS. How?!? How did this happen already!?

3. Our Thrive Market order came with food I can actually eat! I've been weaning off dairy and meat and am now about 90% vegan. It's a process but I feel soo much better. (If you want to try Thrive, here's my link for 25% off)

4. Binge watching Dream Home Makeover on Netflix. I could watch home reno shows for days.

5. YELLOWSTONE. Jay and I finished the most current season and I NEED another season asap.