SHOP | 5 Things You Should Invest In By 30

Listen, I love a good deal as much as the next girl. But at a certain point, you should really invest in some quality items that LAST, look good, and you can be proud of.

Here's my list of things you should invest in because they're worth your hard earned money.

1. Kitchen Knives

Not only should you have good, quality knives, but you need to SHARPEN and CLEAN them often. This is important for your SAFETY (this message is mostly for my mother who ignores me about this and uses very dull, shitty knives and almost cuts her hand off weekly).

I've had this set for years (the all wood option) and I still LOVE the look of them. I oil the wood and sharpen them as often as I can remember to do so and they still look great.

2. A quality, versatile handbag

READ: I did not say designer. It doesn't need to be $500. It just needs to look professional, and be made of quality materials so it lasts. A reusable trader joe's tote is not a career woman's bag friends.

3. Real wood furniture

It's time to think about the long term when you buy furniture. You're making more money than you did right out of college, so do your research, understand your style and make purchases that will not only complement the aesthetic of your home, but will last for decades. The thing about real wood furniture is you can sand and paint/stain as your style changes or it gets dinged up for very little money, so it's worth it in the long run.

4. Kitchenware/Dishes

If you're still using mismatched plates and bowls from college and things you stole from your parents, it's time to buy a full matching set. Something you can set a table and have people over to dinner without having to use tupperware and a Red Sox tumbler to fill in the gaps.

5. Bedding

I'm not going to tell you to buy a $500 bedding set (because I'm certainly not), but you should have a higher thread count and better quality sheet set than the $30 jersey Target sheets you used 10 years ago and you can certainly upgrade to a quality down comforter with a duvet. Your room will look more put together and you'll be more comfortable sleeping at night, win-win.

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