BEAUTY | Easy Fixes For Beauty Issues

ISSUE: Flaky Mascara

Does your mascara flake no matter what brand you buy? There are 3 major reasons this is happening and they're all pretty simple fixes

  1. You're putting lotions and oils on your lashes when you moisturize, causing a barrier that doesn't allow your mascara to adhere to your lash. Try to avoid your lashes when putting any serums, lotions, creams, etc on your face.

  2. You're not using a lash primer. Primers help mascara stay put throughout the day and prevent flaking.

  3. Your mascara is old or dried out. Mascara should be replaced every couple months. Once it starts to dry out it won't have the staying power it should and will flake after just a couple hours.

ISSUE: Dry, flaky lips

  1. You're almost definitely dehydrated. Proper hydration prevents skin drying out and becoming damaged. Aim to drink half your body weight in ounces every day.

  2. You could be using a lip product that has no moisturizing properties. Chapsticks and lip balms comprised of almost all wax are not moisturizing. Try a lip mask such as Laneige.

ISSUE: Dry, brittle hair

  1. Over-moisturizing can cause the reverse desired effect. When you use too much conditioner, leave in moisturizer, etc. it builds up in your hair and causes more damage. If you blow dry or straighten your hair, the product can burn and cause additional damage. Try using a clarifying shampoo and letting your hair air dry to give it a break.

  2. You could be using the wrong hair products for your hair type. If your hair is color treated, you'll need something to rebuild its integrity, such as Olaplex. If you have naturally curly hair, your hair is most likely chronically dry, whereas straight hair tends to be oily.

ISSUE: Dark circles under your eyes

  1. The skin under your eyes is significantly thinner than the rest of your skin on your face. You need to stay properly hydrated to keep the skin plump.

  2. Additional moisturizing will help keep the skin plump. Try using a highly concentrated moisturizer while you're sleeping (& make sure you're getting enough sleep!)

*What NOT to do: don't try to cover your dark circles with excessive concealers and especially powder, it will only bring attention to the discoloration. Instead use a highlighting stick to highlight the cheekbones and outer corners of your eyes to draw attention away.

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