FAMILY | 5 COVID-Safe Holiday Tradition Ideas

Keeping some holiday traditions alive might be a little challenging this year. I think it's important to do everything you can to keep your family traditions alive, but if health and safety are at risk, you might be able to introduce a new tradition that works a little better with the current conditions of our world.

ONE: Facetime playdates with friends and cousins

With restrictions in place, it may be difficult to get kids together. Make a point to find time for kids to interact with their friends and family virtually - maybe sharing gifts they recieved, reading stories to one another or playing a game.

TWO: Make something yummy from scratch with the kids

My family has always had cinnamon buns on Christmas morning, so this year my mom and I have decided to make them from scratch. Include your kids by asking what they'd like to make and have them help you find a good recipe.

THREE: Write handwritten letters to family and friends

You may already send a holiday picture card to family and friends, but make it more personable by having your kids help you write a letter to include. Hopefully it will prompt the people who receive them to do the same and you'll find connection that may have been missing the past few months.

FOUR: Go through toys and clothes with kids to teach them about donating

Kids love the holidays for many reasons, but can sometimes get a little carried away with the receiving aspect - counter that by helping them comb through their things a couple weeks before Christmas and explain to them how other kids would be thrilled to receive their gently used things this time of year.

FIVE: Put all the pillows and blankets in the house on the living room floor and have a movie night

Christmas movies are on TV pretty much all hours of the day this time of year. Introduce your family to a childhood favorite, build a fort, and make some popcorn with Christmas colored M&Ms in it. Your kids will have a blast.