HACK | 5 Ways to Stay Sane during a COVID Holiday Season

Be prepared

There's nothing more stressful than feeling helpless. Try to prevent that from happening by sitting down and brainstorming all the things you might need for the holidays. This can be anything from toilet paper and paper towels to extra portable phone chargers in case the power goes out. You don't need to go overboard - but be realistic about the things you might need. Some extra masks stored in your car, hand sanitizer in your purse and center console... if nothing else, it will give you some peace of mind.

Stay true to your traditions

It might be difficult to do things exactly as you've done in the past, but try to adapt and keep your traditions alive. Go caroling, just spread out a little more. Make cookies but give everyone their own designated station and decorating supplies. Maybe make new traditions, such as Facetiming to open presents with family and friends you don't get to see a lot. Try not to voice frustrations and point out things you can't do around your kids, they'll pick up on your stress pretty quickly.


There is so little we've been able to control this year that it may be causing to hold tight to things you can control - such as working out and eating healthy - and that's good! But let yourself enjoy this time of year by having a bite or two of your favorite pie or sip your favorite sangria. You deserve it.

Be present

It's easy with everything going on to be glued to the news and your phone. Try to block time to get updated on things and then put the phone away and turn on a Christmas movie instead of the news. Pay careful attention to ensuring your full attention is on your family for most of the day during this time. When the work day is over, turn OFF your computer and put the work things out of sight. Break out the board games. Make a fort with your kids. Go for a walk.

Practice self care

I don't mean put on comfy pajamas and drink a glass of wine watching housewives (although you should do that too). But really, actually take care of yourself. Wash your face, be sure to moisturize, wear a warm jacket, wash and sanitize your masks regularly, go to the doctor if you're not feeling well, get enough sleep. It's easy to put yourself last during the holidays, especially this year, but remember you can't pour from an empty cup.


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