HEALTH | 5 ways I cope with travel anxiety

I have always loved to travel. I think it stems from my parents taking me with them everywhere they went from a very young age and letting us just adapt to our surroundings. Which makes it even more important to me to do the same for Jacob. But since my anxiety started getting significantly worse about five years ago, it's been more difficult for me to fully enjoy travel the way I used to.

Fear of not having control of a situation can be crippling to me, even when everything is going perfectly fine - for that reason, I've developed some ways of calming my anxiety before and during travel.


Communication is key.

I've learned that things go much more smoothly if I clearly communicate to Jay what I'm feeling and how he can help me. On a recent trip, we had a very unfortunate circumstance with our hotel room and I broke down. He waited a moment and asked me what I needed. I told him I was fine, I just need a second to let it out and we can figure it out from there. So he left me alone and we figured it out from there.


Plan for what you can.

If you have anxiety, you know it's going to happen no matter what you do to prevent it. However, having a plan is always helpful. Make a list of things that can go awry during your travels and make a plan for how to approach them if they occur.


Don't over-extend yourself.

Trying to fit too much into a trip is practically an invitation for stress. This is difficult for me because being busy has a calming effect on me, I find anxiety in moments of stillness. But trying to pack 3 meals out with 2 activities a day is a lot for anyone.


Watch the caffeine and alcohol.

Both of these can trigger anxiety at any time, but especially when you are out of your element. If you're stuck on a delayed flight, hungover, your anxiety is likely to sky rocket. So just be mindful of your plans before overindulging or opt for a grande instead of a venti.


There are things that can help.

My two favorite anxiety aids are CBD gummies and CALM drink mix. Neither have an active drug but help eliminate stress and anxiety naturally. Talk to your doc.