HEALTH | The culprit that destroys weight loss goals

There's one aspect people tend to forget when it comes to meeting weight loss goals:

The drinks.

Not just alcoholic drinks (which have an absurd amount of calories) but also all the other liquids consumed throughout the day. Even drinks considered "healthy" or "clean" can have hundreds of calories, often leading you to meet your calorie total by noon; completely counteractive to the calorie deficit needed to lose weight.

Take a look at a typical day of drinks (without food):


Coffee with flavored creamer

Coffee: 5 calories

Creamer: Around 40 calories per serving*

*Per serving is key here, a typical travel mug holds about 2 standard cups of coffee and most people use 2 tbsp of creamer per coffee, thats 4 servings of creamer. Making your coffee 180 calories. If you order a specialty coffee you could be drinking almost 500 calories in the morning.

Mid morning

Fruit Juice: 110-200 calories


Smoothie: 200-1200 calories

Fruit Juice and smoothies that you don't make yourself also tend to be filled with sugar. Smoothies should be considered a meal when made properly with enough protein and fat to accompany the sugar from the fruit.


Soda: 140-180 calories per 12 oz bottle


Sports drink: 80 calories per serving (230 calories per 32 oz bottle)


Wine: ~125 calories per glass

Beer: 100-150 calories for light beer, 300+ for craft beers

Fruity Mixed Drink: 150-400 calories

Healthier Options:

If you can't get behind drinking your coffee black, there are healthier options for creamer. I like oat milk, but there are also low calorie options of almond milk creamer, coconut milk, etc.

Try to replace other drinks with water. Flavor with fresh fruit if you don't like drinking plain water. Even low calorie options like Crystal Light and most iced teas aren't that great for you. The more natural, the better.

For alcoholic drinks, try to stick to clearer liquids to stay low calorie. Think vodka with club soda and lime.

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