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We are admittedly a little neurotic when it comes to the organization and upkeep of our home. That being said, no one wants to spend all. day. of every. day cleaning their home. These are the products we use that we find to be both effective and efficient.


Quick Clean-up Vacuum - Dyson Stick

My tip: If you're not an every day vacuumer you'll need a more powerful suction and bigger storage tank than this, so I'd recommend the Shark.

Deep Clean Vacuum - Shark

My tip: Remember that all vacuums need to be cleaned on a regular basis. This vacuum allows for removal of the storage tank and it can be rinsed and cleaned, along with the filter being able to be rinsed and completely dried before putting it all back together. Total cleaning time 5 minutes + drying time for filter.

Steam Clean - Bissel (We have a much older version)

My tip: This thing is heavy but works very well. Remember to empty, rinse and clean after every single use. Dirty, moldy water is never a fun find.

Mop - Bona

My tip: Get extra pads and keep this mop in a handy place. I use it for everything from deep clean and polishing to a quick wipe of the floor when the dogs run in from the rain.

Floor Cleaner (Hardwood and Vinyl)- Aunt Fannie's Vinegar Wash

My tip: The smell of this cleaner is not the greatest but it works better than all others I've tried. Open a window or turn on a fan if you can.

Hardwood Floor Polish - Bona

My tip: Never let polish sit on your floors or you'll have a very uneven polish. Spread it out, buff it and wipe it up.


All Purpose Cleaner - everspring


Cleaner - Seventh Generation

Polish - Method

My tip: If you have discoloration or markings in your wood, try castor oil. I've found it works well to bring wood back to life. (It will leave a slight residue on the wood for a short time but it will eventually soak into the wood)


Quick clean - Babyganics

Disinfectant - Seventh Generation

My tip: always disinfect right after the kids leave the house so the product has time to completely dry.


Stains - Method

My tip: Use immediately and let sit for half hr-hr before washing

Whites - Bleach. (Sorry, but it works)

Regular load - Mrs. Meyers detergent, softener & scent booster

Baby - Mrs. Meyers

Sheets, Towels, Linens - The Laundress x Le Labo


*Always spot clean before using a new product as they can cause damage

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