HACK | How To Monday

Setting yourself up for a successful week & avoiding the Mondayest Mondays.

I used to get the Sunday Scaries BIG TIME. But I must admit, large part of this was attributed to the infamous Sunday Funday... you know, the anxiety and hangover mix that is sure to start your week off with a high amount of stress.

The best way to have a great week is to start the week with some planning and self care. You can wind down with a glass of red Sunday afternoon but just try not to over-do it. My favorite way to prepare for Monday is to wake up Sunday and either get a workout in or go to the market for groceries and whatever else we might need for the week. I tidy up the house a little, put clothes away and prep some food for lunches. I don't go crazy with food prep, just some ground turkey, a roasted veg or two and rice. This way we can quickly throw something together in the morning during the week to take to work.

Sundays I also try to hydrate a little more than usual because I tend to eat and drink a little less healthy than I do during the week. I also double up on my skincare routine for that reason.

Get some sleep. I have no problem going to bed early, I would go to bed at 7pm. But especially on Sundays this is important so you don't feel sluggish on Monday morning. This also allows you to have enough time on Monday morning that you're not feeling rushed and stressed.

Turn off the devices about an hour before bed, turn on a diffuser with lavender, get in bed and read a book or magazine or newspaper until you're ready to get some sleep.

Then wake up when your alarm goes off (the first time if you can, which I definitely did NOT do today - full transparency - but try)! Take the time to do what is important in the morning, whether that's spending a little time with your family, walking your dog, sitting with a cup of coffee, give yourself the time to do those things. Take the time to look your best. (Also, turn the shower to COLD the last few seconds of your shower to shock your system and wake yourself up, trust me it works).

Lastly, while you're getting ready, think about how you want your week to go. Your day is dependent on YOUR attitude. Your co-workers, your boss, customers and clients should not be dictating YOUR happiness. So if you need to meditate on it, listen to some good music, whatever you need to do to remind yourself that it's your life and you are ultimately the one that decides how happy you are.