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A big source of inspiration and education for me comes from podcasts that I listen to daily, either on my commute or at the gym. The Rich Roll Podcast, The Skinny Confidential Him&Her, and That's So Retrograde are all amazing sources for this entertaining knowledge on health, wellness, spirituality and so much more.

Of the probably hundreds of podcasts I listen to throughout the month, nothing compares to the girls behind the Almost30 Podcast. 

Krista and Lindsey are incredibly smart and down to earth with a passionate interest in educating both themselves and their audience. And when it comes to their audience they are highly engaged - including them in conversation and using them to guide the path of their business. 

I recommend you listen to at least one episode to understand what I'm talking about.

Photos in this post were provided by Almost30

What led both of you to where you are today with Almost30 Podcast, Krista’s blog, and Lindsey’s fitness career?

Krista started her blog 3 years ago while living in NYC, when she was traveling back and forth from NYC to London for work. She wanted to share travel tips itineraries, and document experiences while traveling solo around the world.

Lindsey fell into fitness in NYC (they were both there at the same time but didn’t know it!) and after falling in love with SoulCycle as a rider, she was drawn to audition to lead the pack on the podium.

Krista also got the same pull to SoulCycle when she was in NYC and auditioned to become an instructor, not once, but twice. During this time Lindsey moved to LA, and Krista followed shortly after. Trying to audition for SoulCycle again in LA, a friend connecting Lindsey and Krista where they talked about the audition, and became fast friends.

For the second time (LOL) Krista didn’t get SoulCycle but she and Lindsey connected deeply about some of the transitions they were both experiencing related to friends, career, spirituality...they wanted to know they weren’t alone. Almost 30 was born from these raw and authentic conversations between best friends and has grown to a huge community all over the world based on authenticity and vulnerability.

In a recent podcast, you both expressed a fear of taking the leap into fully investing in your current career path with the podcast and all that comes with it. How are you both dealing with this new pressure and what advice do you have for women in the same situation and/or place in their lives?

I, (Krista) quit my 9-5 job a few weeks ago to go full time on the podcast, and it’s been such a shift. I feel so much more like myself.

"I feel aligned with my mission and purpose and that faith overtakes any fear that could have been holding me back."
- Krista

I always say, “Faith over Fear” and now I am living that truth but committing to this full time. This doesn’t mean I didn’t work hard for two years on the business nights and weekends to get it to the place where it is today, or that it’s been easy. It just means that I was ready, I am not afraid and that even if we made no money it would be worth it. Advice I would give, is not fun, but be realistic. I quit my job when I moved to LA without a plan B and a hope to make my passion project, my blog, my full time job. I learned from that experience that I should be making as much as my corporate job, or more in order to feel good about quitting. With Almost 30 Podcast I was able to save, and got to a point where we were making money in a way that aligned with me and I knew I had to quit. I would also say that it’s not as glamorous as people think! It’s still work and you still do not fun parts of the job like accounting, spreadsheets, little things that are important but unsexy to make your business work! Ultimately though, you should make the decision for you when you feel you’re ready. Have faith over fear.

I (Lindsey) have never had a 9-5 job, which I’m finding now would have given me some of the skills that I’m honing now as we build Almost 30. So my challenge has been patience and presence. I am quite literally a beginner at so many things most people in the corporate world are drumming out as second nature.

I remind myself every day, out loud sometimes, that I AM LEARNING. I follow it with a deep breath and the thought that “it feels good to learn”.

Sometimes the learning comes in the form of a big f*ck up! Just so long as I know that I am doing my best at every moment, that I am completely honest with myself and transparent with my team, I’m confident that this learning will be the building blocks for something MUCH BIGGER. Within every big transition lies these daunting tasks, humbling realizations, uncomfortable conversations, and big ol’ ego checks. I have found that if I am completely aware that at least one of these will happen every single day, when one or more does happen, I almost laugh and face it more easily than I would if i were “surprised”. Does that make sense? So for me, anticipating the learning helps me to find flow, peace and presence in transition.

With all the amazing guests you have on the podcast you get some great insight into the health and wellness community. What are some of your favorite products? What health and wellness trend are you currently obsessed with?

(Lindsey) We are SO LUCKY. Seriously. We have connected with the most incredible people creating the most incredible brands/products that totally align with how we want to live our lives. My favorites right now are Four Sigmatic (Hot Cacao Reishi before bed), Kopari Beauty (Coconut Deodorant all day erryday), and Mowellens (One for All, Topical CBD Oil morning and night).

It’s truly inspirational the way you’ve both established this brand to such a large following by being so connected to your listeners. What plans do you have for the future of Almost30?

THANK YOU! We have HUGE PLANS for Almost 30.

"First and foremost, we want to really enable and encourage the same authentic conversations and interactions that we have on the podcast and at our events with other women without us being there."

When we have our events, we are so blown away by the magic and connection that happens that we want MORE of that. So creating a place for people to do that all over is really important.

Growing is also huge for us. We have grown 15x in the past few months and this means there is a need for establishing processes and systems for our business now that we are full time. We are growing the team here, and learning how to be managers and business owners. It’s so much more challenging to be an entrepreneur than people think and I want to be really honest that it’s scary. We need to learn how to manage and grow with our teams so focusing on how to best set that up is a huge priority.

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