KIDS | Jacob's Favorite Things (12m+)

Being a first time parent is a whole lot of guessing.

I think he's hungry?

I think he's tired?

I think he pooped...

And it's the same when it comes to what to buy.

Does he need 3 different walkers?

Is he going to use these weird spoons and forks? Can't he use a regular one?

Will he ever touch this toy?

We've had A LOT of misses along the way and a lot of toys that sit in the bottom on his toy box. So here are some things that Jacob plays with every. single. day. and was 100% worth buying (or putting on his birthday list).

Food Truck - He LOVES this thing. Especially pretending to wash his hands in the sink.

Jungle Lullabies Book - We've sang these songs so many times that he knows which song is on what page... and the book is now falling apart. Time to buy a new copy.

Launch and Loop Raceway - Not just the cars that came with this, but he loves to race pretty much anything on the raceway!

Stuffed Lion - I bought this for Jacob when I was about 4 months pregnant. Jay taught him to hug with it and now he cuddles it before bedtime and sleeps with it every night.

Safari Puzzle - Jacob loves doing the puzzle by himself and then asking for a round of applause for doing it by himself

Einstein Curiosity Table - My favorite thing about this toy is it has settings for English, French and Spanish so he can hear colors and numbers in other languages.


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