KIDS | Toddler Meal Ideas

Feeding a toddler is...interesting. One day he shoves all the broccoli in his mouth at once, the next he chucks it on the floor. We try to give him whatever we're having for dinner so that he's introduced to new flavors but breakfast and lunch are typically at daycare so we needed go-to meals that were easy and healthy.

If I'm sending anything that can be air fried, I'll typically do a couple days worth on Sunday nights and pre-pack them in tupperware so I can just grab them in the morning and throw them in his lunchbox.

Breakfast |

When Jacob is eating breakfast at home I usually give him one scrambled egg and one piece of chopped turkey bacon with fruit

At daycare I send one waffle with jelly and a chopped banana

Snack |

Chopped fruit (usually peaches, his favorite) or veggie (green beans or cucumber)

Cheese stick

Creative Roots Coconut water (LOVES this stuff! I'll typically fill his water bottle about a quarter of the way and fill the rest with regular water)

- or -

Jammy Sammy

Lunch |

Mini meatballs (either frozen or I make mini turkey meatballs for the week on Sunday)

Sweet potato Tots

- or -

Veggie Nuggets

Steamed Veggies

- or -

Mac and cheese

Veggie dog

Dinner |

A modified version of whatever we are eating. Jay and I like spicy food so I'll typically cook a portion of the meat without seasoning and then give him a sort of deconstructed version of our dinner, all chopped, so it's easier for him to eat. So if we're having tacos he'll have unseasoned ground beef with chopped tomatoes and cheese and a cut up tortilla. I've recently started giving him more things with the seasoning on it and it doesn't seem to be bothering him at all.