KIDS | What I keep in my car

As a mom of a toddler, it doesn't take long to learn you need to be stocked and ready at all times to avoid a meltdown. Jacob recently started asking for snacks the second he got in his car seat after daycare, causing me to realize that I needed to be a little more strategic about what I keep in my car.

Here's my list of must-haves

A quality first-aid kit

I got this from my HSA website and it really has quite the impressive array of emergency items. I keep it in my trunk just in case.

A waterproof blanket

This is an upgrade from the one we used last year (a stinky old gigantic Target blanket). My mom got this for me as a gift so we can sit at the playground, Jay's softball games, wineries, wherever we end up this summer.

A toy that holds his attention

Gone are the days a teething toy could entertain my child for more than five minutes, and I also don't want to bring an entire bag of toys everywhere we go. This Vtech "tablet" and a book or two does the trick for car trips and restaurants.

Snacks and water

My child chuggggs water so I usually end up giving him mine from my Hydroflask. Keeping a few bottles of water and a snack bag in the car ensures we don't have hangry tantrums. (snack bin & tote)

A change of clothes

Now that Jacob is old enough to run around and play (read: get wet and dirty) I like to keep a spare set of clothes with us, along with a sweatshirt in case it gets chilly if we're out later than usual.

Sunscreen & bug spray

Diapers and wipes

I mean if you have an un-potty trained child, you always have diapers, but keeping an extra container of wipes in your car is a good idea in the event you need to do a quick booger wipe before you head into dinner.

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