SHOP | Nordstrom Sale Finds That Are Worth Your Money

Call me frugal (haha, which no one ever has in my life) but I just don't think $120 is a deal on a cardigan. And don't get me started on Barefoot Dreams... the ugliest blankets and sweaters I've ever seen and they sell out every year (FYI you can get the same thing at target for $20).

HOWEVER, there are some deals at the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale that actually worth your time and money and I've so graciously compiled them here for you! Just click the photo to bring you to the sale item. Ya welcome.

SNEAKERS! Finding quality, new and trendy sneakers at a discount is tough, especially NIKE. (Does it make me sound old if I say I remember when new Nike's were $90 and now they're $160... what is happeninggggg to the world) Anyways... I love these:

Outdoor Blanket I've always loved Pendleton, it seems so timeless and cool to me. I've been looking for a quality outdoor blanket I can keep in my car to use when we're at a friends house or a winery. Great for when the baby wants to get down and play.

Quality Fall Bag I love a good quality bag, especially one that not everyone and their mother have. I'm loving this one from Coach.

Stroller This stroller is definitely an investment but also worth every penny. We actually used the bassinet with the stroller in the locked position as Jacob's bed for the first month before putting him in the crib. It was so easy. It's so easy to push over terrain and has a huge bottom pouch for carrying items. Also has the ability to carry to kids at once.