REVIEW | Postpartum Hair Loss

This is not an easy thing to share.

I had read stories about women experience severe hair loss after giving birth and just thought there was no way that could happen to me. I've always had a ton of hair, and with the pregnancy and prenatal vitamins, it was healthy and growing like a weed. So, I didn't need to worry about it.


About two months after giving birth, my hair started falling out more than I had ever seen. Breaking about 2-3 inches from my scalp, it was coming out in handfuls every time I brushed it or took a shower.

I'm currently trying some things to see if I can prevent it from getting worse. Although it is happening because of changes in my hormones, I'm approaching it with both an inside out and outside in plan.

First, my stylist recommended I try Keratase Genesis Hair System. I'm not going to lie, these products are pretty expensive, but I noticed a change in the health and fall-out of my hair within about a week and a half.

Second, I started taking Nutrafol hair vitamins. They'll have you take a quiz upon entering the site to determine your hair health and what the root cause of your hair loss and/or thinning is and recommend the best regimen for you. They say it takes at least 3 months for noticeable results so I'll keep you updated.

I'm only a couple weeks in using all of these products so I'll post an update in a few weeks to let you all know what is working and what isn't.