REVIEW | Our Nursery Furniture

When it came to choosing furniture for our son's nursery, I was oddly obsessed. I needed real wood, solid and safe, a certain color, certain hardware... I had something in my mind but I couldn't quite find it for months. I had settled on a set from Pottery Barn and we decided it was worth the investment, but on a trip to start our registry at BuyBuyBaby, I fell in love with this Soho Baby set and I'm still in love with it a year later.

The Cons:

-Although not as much at the Pottery Barn set we were originally going with, it is still quite pricey, especially with all the attachments we purchased in the event it was no longer in stock when it comes time to convert to a toddler bed (omg, it's coming so quick!).

-It's heavy. Good for quality and stability so he can't tip it over, not so fun when you're (I mean, not me personally but Jay and his dad...) carrying it up a tight flight of stairs.

-The color is tough to match. Although beautiful, the color is unique, so I ended up having the shelves (one shown here, another will go up after the changing table attachment comes off), made to match from an Etsy shop.

-The lowest level of the crib bed is still quite high. My son is TALL for his age and we're already concerned about him trying to climb out of the crib and fall onto our hardwood floors. But when the time comes we may just end up laying the mattress on the ground within the crib.

The Pros:

-The pieces really are beautiful and are also gender neutral. We plan to use it again regardless of the gender of baby #2 (not for a few years!)

-High quality. The drawers are soft, self closing and are lined with a velvety material. Jacob has also literally hung from the drawers before while I was putting laundry away and the thing didn't budge.

-The changing table top is ideal for storing everything you need. I have diapers, wipes, baby powder, sunscreen, burp cloths, an air filter, etc. and it's all nicely arranged right where we need it.

Overall, we couldn't be happier with the decision to go with this set. I highly recommend checking it out. The best part is the BuyBuyBaby coupons can be used to purchase these so adding them to your registry is a great way to get the smaller pieces and then use the bigger discount coupons to complete the set you need.