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If you're expecting or are a new mom, you know how frustrating it was to create a baby registry. You've never done this before, you have no idea what you need. For us, the things we ended up using the most and love the most, weren't even on the recommendations for the registry. I compiled a list of things that both we and Jacob loved during his first 6 months.

1. A portable sound machine: yes, you can use your phone. Except that, you'll need to turn off the ringer and notifications and you can't use your phone for however long your LO decides to sleep for... so, just get the sound machine.

2. Teething Paci: Jacob absolutely LOVES these things. We put frozen fruit in them to help introduce him to new flavors and help with his teething pain. It's the only thing that will get him to sit still for 3-5 minutes.

3. Toy strings: unless you want to play a constant game of picking up toys while your LO throws them to the ground while out to eat, get a few of these to keep in the diaper bag to keep his toys within reach. You might even get to finish a whole glass of wine.

4. Easy pump shampoo/soap: if you're doing bath time alone you'll be thankful for being able to get the shampoo on your hands while still having a hold on the baby. This one bottle literally lasted several months and smells great too.

5. Odor trapping bags: you won't always have a place to throw out a diaper so having these to trap the smell while the diaper is in your bag is money welllllll spent.