SHOP | Random Amazon Finds

  1. Pampered Chef Mix N Chop - If you use a wood spoon or a spatula to cook up ground meat, you understand the frustration and grossness that occurs. This thing is so good for getting the right texture without a mess.

  2. Criss-Cross Slippers - Super cute and don't get too warm like my LLBeans. Also have a rubber bottom.

  3. Drill Brush - You will be amazed at all the things you use this on. I've cleaned my shower, cabinets, floors, you name it - and in a fraction of the time.

  4. Jewelry Cleaner Stick - I haven't been able to get my ring cleaned during quarantine and this little stick does such a great job, super easy

  5. Clear Coffee Mugs (Set of 4) - It was actually Jay that said we needed an adult set of coffee mugs to replace our randoms and we love these

  6. Tinkle Razors - I use these to shape my eyebrows and at-home "dermaplane" (they're much sharper than the ones you can get at the drugstore)

  7. Acacia Lid Jars - If you haven't watched The Home Edit on Netflix, you need to. Then you'll understand why you need these jars.

  8. Young Living Dupe Diffuser - I actually haven't ordered this yet but I NEED it. It's $200 less than the YL one and looks identical. I'm on the verge of needing a diffuser in every room of our house.

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