SKINCARE | How To Hack Tired Mom Face

Being a mom is so rewarding - just not so much on your skin. Lack of sleep and an increase in stress can do awful things to your complexion. Luckily for Jay and I, Jacob has been a great sleeper and sleeps through the night 99% of the time. Last night, however, he was up for a few hours very irritable (we think his 2 yr molars are coming in) and this morning it showed - under my eyes, puffy cheeks, the works.

Five Products That Wake Up Your Face

ONE | Intense moisturizer

First step is chug a glass of room temp water to plump your skin, then apply a cream moisturizer after cleansing

TWO | Eye drops

The formula of these drops is designed to get red out quickly and illuminate the white in your eye to make them appear brighter

THREE | Light, dewy tinted moisturizer

A common mistake is too much coverage on problematic skin and under-eye bags. Heavy concealer and powders will actually highlight the problem areas.

FOUR | Highlighter

Use a cream highlighter in the corners of your eyes and under your eyebrows to draw the eye up and make them appear more "awake"

FIVE | Mascara

When applying, pull outward and up

(stay away from heavy eye makeup when you're not rested, it will pool in the creases)

If all else fails, try these enormous sunglasses (shown in first photo) that cover your entire face ;)

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