STYLE | Cultivating a Wardrobe

I've always been pulled towards fashion and styling. Finding unique pieces or quality clothing at a lower price point is oddly satisfying to me. But, I do understand that the passion doesn't come so prevalent for everyone, and can even be a huge pain point for some people. You don't have to be inherently stylish or browse fashion magazines to look put together and on-trend, you just need to be strategic about what you purchase.


Understand your style and comfort

Look at what is in your closet and what you wear the most; this is your starting point of where you should build your wardrobe. Now look at what you bought and never wore and understand why. Was something more revealing than you're used to so it never left the hanger? (I have never been comfortable wearing low cut tops and dresses so they always sat unworn until I finally realized they weren't worth it for me) Is a sweater not the most flattering color on you? (For me, it's the color purple) Use that knowledge to think twice about future purchases and what is worth investing in.


Have a color palette

For me, the majority of my closet is black, white and tan. My go-to pops of color are olive green and bright orange. Knowing this is helpful because I may see a blouse I like while shopping that doesn't match with a lot or I might not reach for often so it might be worth it if the top is $20 but not if it's $80.


Quality over quantity

Quality doesn't mean you need to spend a ton of money on every piece in your closet but you should be looking at what your clothing is made of, whether it needs to be dry cleaned, how well made it is, will it hold up to regular washing. If you shop online a lot, get in the habit of reading the reviews before purchasing.


Fit is extremely important

When clothing is too big or too small, it not only causes the outfit to look off, but you will also most likely be uncomfortable in it. Clothes that are too small constantly need adjusting, you're pulling your shirt down, pulling your pants up... it's worth finding clothes with the correct fit. Clothes that are too big tend to look tent-like, like you're trying to cover something up and usually cause the opposite effect intended and make you look much larger than you are rather than accentuate your positive features.

Getting your clothes tailored is much more affordable than most people think and can instantly change the way something looks on you. A $100 suit from Macys can look just as nice as a $1000 suit if it fits properly.


Invest in what's important to you

You'll feel most like yourself and confident if you invest in things that you're most proud of. If you're an athlete at heart, that might be sneakers. For me, it's handbags and accessories. If you're really making an investment, make sure it's a smart one that will benefit you for a long time. Stay away from trendy items or things that won't last when making big purchases.