ORGANIZE | What's in my bag

Hint: Everything.

Last week, at a dentist appointment, the doctor walked in and asked me if I was going on a trip because my bag was so large.

No, sir. I carry my life in that bag... and my sons... and sometimes Jay's...

Unless I'm going to dinner sans child, I always carry a large bag. You just never know what you're going to need. Lotion, chargers, masks..

99% of the time I carry a Neverfull with this amazing divider inside to keep everything organized.

I use this black wallet as my main wallet for cards and cash and the wristlet to hold cards I don't usually use (rewards cards, etc) and coupons.

Mascara, lip gloss, some kind of travel size perfume or oil & Verb energy bars

At least one mask & sunglasses

Face wipes, lotion and hand sanitizer

Drink cozy (works for everything from coffee cups to pint glasses ;) Airpods & never leave the house without a wine key

& the essentials: 5 hr Energy (don't @ me, I know it's awful for me, I do what I gotta do folks), Excedrin migraine and always always a toy or book for Jacob!

What do you never leave home without? Comment on this post!